" Yoga karmasu kausalam "

Mann is one thing that has always fascinated and puzzled us. Whatever we hear, see, smell mind starts thinking , thoughts can be good or bad So, in simply way thoughts is the reason of stress, depression, anxiety and any mental disorders. Too much thinking becomes the case of disease .

Let’s explore the yoga mat together to train our maan.

“Mann is the way to live, A way to rise” .


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Benefits of Yoga​

Yoga helps in controlling the body, mind, and soul. It creates a balance of physical and mental discipline to calm the body and mind. It also helps to manage stress and anxiety and helps you stay relaxed. Yoga asana is known for developing strength, flexibility in the body, and confidence.

  • Improves muscular strength
  • Increase the flexibility of the body
  • Fix body postures and alignment
  • Provides a better digestive system
  • Strengthens internal organs
  • Treats asthma
  • Cures diabetes
  • Helps to cure heart problems
  • Helps skin glow
  • Promotes strength and endurance
  • Improve concentration
  • Helps to control your thoughts
  • Keeps the mind calm to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression

Customer Stories

More than 2000 customers trust Maanyoga to manage their chronic and health conditions

Gurusha is good trainer and customize as per each individual, my yoga asanas and postures also improved lot under her training Once i used to think few postures are impossible for me to do but I could able to do it with gurusha help and instructions . I am very confident about gurusha.she can help any one from beginner level to advance yoga. Gurusha also conducts free classes on sunday to promote and encourage people to practice yoga. I had great experience with gurusha


I have been practising yoga for a couple of years and with Gurusha for a few months now. The focus has always been physical well being but while practising with Gurusha I felt connected with my inner self. She has been a really great coach and her approach is a fine balance e between physical and mental well being. Her flexibility to adapt to my work schedule has also helped me to stay consistent with my practice. Thank you Gurusha for being a wonderful coach.


I was suffering from recurrent Naval displacement problem and nothing was working in a permanent way. Then I took yoga treatment from Gurusha for my Naval displacement problem. And the guided yoga everyday helped me through the treatment. I had so many different treatments but nothing worked for my Naval displacement but yoga worked magically. It has been already an year since then i am doing the yoga exercise told by my lovely yoga instructor Gurusha everyday for maintenance of abdominal strength. Love

Dr. Kiran Swami

Yoga, Meditation & Ayurvedic Retreat

SPA offer various treatment, including massage therapy, hydrotherapy, facials, body wraps, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and Panchkarma.

Naturopathy offers five elements treatment of nature like Mud therapy, water therapy, color therapy………etc. It cures disease from the root of your body parts.

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